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Needham Haddrell - Energy consultancy, commercial property & telecommunications services in the South West & Wales


Needham Haddrell is an independent firm of telecommunications, commercial property and energy consultants. We have an experienced team offering a range of professional advice in the South West and Wales.

Energy Surveying and consultancy Bristol, South West and Wales

Energy Performance Certificates

Introduced in August 2007, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) have been phased in for commercial and domestic properties at the point of construction, sale or letting in England and Wales. Needham Haddrell provides EPCs which include an efficiency rating from A to G, a rating for carbon dioxide emissions along with advice on how to improve energy efficiency, make savings in energy costs and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. Needham Haddrell can also provide advice to commercial property owners and occupiers as to how to improve their EPC rating.

Display Energy Certificates

From October 2008, Display Energy Certificates are required for all public buildings. These show the energy used by the building and will compare year on year improvements.

Energy Compliance Work

Needham Haddrell's qualified NHER Authorised SAP assessors carry out energy analysis on new build residential properties and on conversions, extensions and renovations.

Legal requirements for the energy performance of buildings have been changing; as government targets increase, it is essential to be sure that a project is fully compliant with policies and legislation.

Our surveyors are trained to be fully conversant with all new requirements, and are expertly placed to offer advice at all stages of a development. Using an accredited energy assessor's knowledge at the outset of a project can save developers both time and money- our SAP assessors can offer advice on the most cost-effective means of ensuring that residential properties are energy efficient and comply with Part L of the current legislation.

Energy Consultancy

Needham Haddrell's surveyors are experienced in assessing commercial property and can provide advice on how to improve the energy efficiency by making cost effective changes. Using SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) for the calculation of the energy performance of buildings, we can calculate a building's current performance, and advise on alternative technologies and amendments which will improve a building's energy performance in the most cost effective manner.

Commercial Property Services Bristol, South West and Wales

Needham Haddrell is based in Bristol and Cardiff, and offers consultancy throughout the South West, including Gloucester, Somerset, Dorset and Devon, and Wales. We have extensive knowledge of both commercial and residential property markets throughout the South West.

Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals

Needham Haddrell provides expert advice in the process of rent review and lease renewal. Our professional property consultants help you to understand the terms of leases and the effect they have on a property's value. During the negotiation process, for each client, whether a multi-national firm or a small business, we actively seek to maximise returns and minimise liability whilst also aiming to meet individual investment and occupational requirements. Our knowledge of the wider Bristol and Cardiff markets allows us to provide a wealth of local comparables and gives us a deep understanding of regional risks and benefits.

Commercial Valuation

Needham Haddrell is highly experienced in all aspects of commercial property valuation across a range of property types including public sector, industrial, leisure and licensed premises. We investigate, prepare and calculate commercial valuation reports in relation to assets, loan security and investments.

In reaching an appropriate value, it is important to be able to confidently forecast shifts in yield, rental growth or depreciation and liquidity. These, along with other factors rely on expert local knowledge and information. Our valuations department is ideally placed to provide expert advice on commercial property markets throughout Bristol, Wales and the South West.

Rating Services

Needham Haddrell guides you smoothly through the process of property rating. Using our professional knowledge of leases and principles of valuation, we help you to complete Forms of Return with accurate information. If you wish to appeal a valuation rating, Needham Haddrell will assess your current rateable value and provide advice on whether or not your appeal is likely to succeed. We also assess whether changes in the use of space which have been made to comply with current legislation would qualify for a reduction or exemption and also whether a reduction could be achieved by more efficient use of space.

Commercial Site Finding and Acquisition

Our team of highly experienced chartered surveyors have in depth knowledge of UK planning policy and property law. These combined skills enable Needham Haddrell to select available properties to match each client's requirements and to highlight any planning restrictions identified in the title or lease documents.

In addition, our expertise and network of contacts throughout Bristol and Wales often enables us to identify potential sites before they come onto the market giving us the best possible chance of finding the right commercial property for you.

Telecommunications Services Bristol, South West and Wales

Site Finding

Needham Haddrell is able to provide a comprehensive telecommunications site finding service to include site identification and a tailored survey which addresses planning issues, topography, cost of maintenance access, availability of services and design options.


Needham Haddrell provides a full acquisitions service for telecoms companies. We combine knowledge of the market and lease terms, experience of negotiating with private and corporate landlords, a valuable list of contacts and a determined and focused approach in order to ensure that we provide clients with a suitable site.

Planning Services

Needham Haddrell can provide expert services throughout the planning process including consultations with planning authorities and local stakeholders, analysis of technical data, advice on planning and submission of planning applications, and advice on planning appeals and alternative options in the case of planning difficulties.

Site Management

Needham Haddrell has established a reputation for providing expert management services for cell sites. Our service includes: negotiation in relation to rent reviews, lease renewal, relocation and sharing of rights; advice on rent, access rights etc. and general management of sites.


Needham Haddrell has a strong presence in Wales with a surveyor based in Cardiff. The company has historically dealt with the Welsh telecommunications portfolio of a number of operators. In addition, we now provide services within the energy sectors throughout Wales.

This professional experience, along with our local knowledge allows us to offer the best quality advice with regard to Standard Assessment Procedures (SAP) part L compliance and SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model).


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